What is in a name? What is in this “SIGN”? Our name/logo stands for the following-
StandUp: Motion, take action, take the action to join in, make some sort of contribution.
4: Balance, change, looking at the world in a different way, vibrational energy.
Freedom: Spirituality, purity, purity of thought, purity of intention.
Walking into change, looking at things from a different angle, perceiving things from a higher value.

We encourage all members to wear this sign, paint this sign, paste this sign all over this nation so everyone will know we are standing as one for what is right! SU4F
Dear Brothers, Sisters, Citizens of South Africa, Church Members, Business Owners, Farmers, Employees, Housewife, Husband, Young Person, Activist, Artist, Actor, Musician, Director, Entrepreneur, Leader, Pastor, CEO, Civil Rights Organization, Freedom Organization, Sustainable Living Activists, Health Workers, Medical Personnel, Doctor, Nurse, Care Giver….
The time is now for us to join forces, act as one, stand together and stand up against the unethical, draconian governmental decisions and measures implemented for whatever reason in South Africa.

Join now, the Largest Class Action Series of Lawsuits for Freedom & Liberty!

We are uniting and Standing Up as One Common Interest Group of people for FREEDOM against the present government of South Africa and especially for the past 26 years with their destructive strategies, unethical nonsense and immoral measures implemented in many areas of society.
We invite you as a Legal Citizen of South Africa to become a member of Standup4Freedom today and by becoming a member of the biggest and largest Transparent Nationwide Legal Class Action against Cyril Ramaposa, the present of the ANC Government, draconian and dictator ruling of the day, you give Standup4Freedom’s highly qualified team of legal representatives your mandate to represent you in this Nationwide Class Action.
We need your mandate today, we need your voice today, together nothing can stop us and by becoming a member today, you will empower millions of people and help providing Freedom for those who seek it! Now more than ever we need Freedom. Our human rights and all our rights have been “robbed” from us under the guise of nonsense, no-sense, unscientific, non-medical, unsound reasoning and possible darker sinister agendas which are been followed by the present leaders of government.

We hereby invite all Civil Right Organizations, Church Denominations, Political Parties, Associations, and Special Interest Groups to Stand Up with us and mobilize ALL their members to become members of this Class Action today!
Stand Up for yourself, Stand Up so that your Children can have a future, Stand Up for your Rights, Stand Up for the Freedom to make your Own Choices!


Become an Ambassador for Stand Up 4 Freedom in Your Town, City, Community, University, Church, Organization, Business, etc. and help mobilize thousands to join. Contact us today on our general e-mail address.

Give us your mandate today, sign up as member and make your contribution so we can Stand Up and initiate this series of Class Actions.

We will not allow this madness to continue!

We Are Free and we will stay Free!

"I am in charge of my life, not the government!"

Stand Up 4 Freedom is a Class Action Membership Based Movement/Organization which will form alliances with certain organizations who supports all the principles and topics this organizations stands for. These organizations will be listed on the website as they provide their written support and join with all their members to increase support.

The possibility of a Card or Certificate will be confirmed, a digital certificate will be available to be downloaded for each member which they can laminate and keep in their car and home as proof of their Class Action Case they are part of against the present government.
Stickers, Slogans, Banners, Flags, and various marketing material will be made available to members to show everyone they are part of Stand Up 4 Freedom! Get all your friends and family to join please! We have only this one chance, act today!

Financial Transparency:
All income will be divided into the following categories- 70% towards legal costs, 30% towards campaign organizing, administration and to mobilize thousands of people.
All spill-over funds will be put into an initiative by the management to generate a Support Fund to assist those in need (businesses, organizations or individuals) as per a Special SU4F Support Fund Board which will be compiled from the large organizations that are forming official alliances with Stand Up 4 Freedom. This board will be announced soon.



Freedom of Information

Quality Education

Liberty & True Justice

Health / Medical Freedom

Food / Agricultural Freedom

Freedom of Movement

Freedom to Generate your own electricity

NO N.W.O (New World Order)

Freedom of Communication, News Reporting and Journalism / Media Freedom

Freedom of Speech / Freedom to Think / Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Religion / Freedom of Belief

True Equality (Not Based on Race)

Freedom to take responsibility for your own health and body

Safe & Sane Vaccinations

NO 5G towers/equipment installed/operated without 85% of the specific area’s inhabitants written consent

NO Forced Testing for Covid-19

NO Forced Vaccinations

Freedom to Protect Yourself

Separation of Church and State

NO Invasion of Privacy

NO Forced Removal of citizen into government quarantine camps under the name of Covid-19

NO Human Microchip Identification Implant without Consent

Freedom to Trade / Economic Growth

Freedom for Crypto Currencies

NO Agenda21 & Agenda2030

Establishment of another Medical Council in South Africa

True, Ethical Independent Evidence Based Science



Stand Up 4 Freedom has 3 member options:


Once off Contribution
per person for each member, each member
of the family, does not matter how old he/she is.


Once off Contribution
of more than R100.00 which includes
your personal membership contribution.


Monthly Subscription
A monthly contribution of R100.00
or more towards StandUp4Freedom.
Methods of Payment Contributions by means of:
Direct Deposit/EFT into a South African Bank account-
(For Cash deposits add 10% to the amount for extra bank fees)
Acc Name: Stand Up For Freedom (SU4F)
Bank Name: FNB Bank, South Africa
Acc No: 62 853 490 375
Branch Code: 250655
Reference Number: Initials & Surname and the number of people you are making a payment for e.g. JHTrump4
Debit/Credit/Cheque Card Contribution-
(Please add 4% to the amount for card transaction fees)
Click on this link and follow the Payfast instructions which will process your payment on behalf of Stand Up 4 Freedom:
Bitcoin Contribution-
Make payments to this Wallet Address:
and send us your screenshot of POP (Proof of Payment) to



The legal team consists of a number of highly experienced Advocates and Attorneys together with specialized advisors from all over South Africa. These Advocates and Attorneys are passionate about the truth and will see that the courts will adhere to the basic human rights and common law on all the issues addressed/presented on behalf of the members. They will represent the members of this class action and will fight the good fight for your right to live free, unrestricted and according to your belief. Legal professionals: advocates, attorneys, retired judges, law clerks and legal interns who would like to be part of the SU4F legal team may e-mail:


The medical board consists of a team of representatives from local and international medical doctors, virologists, nurses, functional-and integrative medicine medical personnel, and holistic natural doctors who are registered and practicing medicine. They are witnesses of the truth in this case representing the stand and opinion of the members. Medical professionals, natural health professionals and therapists who would also like to stand up for the truth and support SU4F may e-mail:


A team of other witnesses which will include but not limited to economists, energy experts, wellness and business experts will also present their view and stand on the various topics in support of this class action.


A decentralised management team of skilful individuals all over South Africa handles the communication and the administration side of the entire initiative/campaign and class action, ensuring that all members are well served and been up to date with news and the truth.


The Support Fund Board consists of a representative from different organizations that endorse StandUp4Freedom and its objectives in this class action court case. All funds is managed through a Trust Account and been accounted for at all times by the management board. All member contributions will be effectively applied as per the objective of legal fees and project management to ensure maximum growth and efficient stewardship of all funds. All spill-over funds will be put in a SU4F Support Fund to provide financial support to individuals, organizations, initiatives, and businesses which are not been assisted through government funding and/or race-based criteria. Only SU4F members will be able to apply for financial assistance from this fund which will be reviewed and approved by the SU4F Support Fund Board on a monthly basis. Applications will only be accepted from 1 August 2020 onwards, please do not request application forms before this date. A request for the SU4F Support Fund Application Form can be sent to



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